Learning From the Best

We were so thrilled when Frank DiPalermo visited our class! Mr. DiPalermo has been an agent with Shamon Freitas Agency in San Diego for 20 years. Our Encore4Kids and teen modeling/acting students learned so much from his thoughtful advice.

One of the main takeaways we got from Mr. DiPalermo was that professionalism and motivation matter to him. When he considers representing a young actor or model or performer, he makes sure that the child wants to be doing this, that they’re not being convinced by their parents. And if the child changes their mind, that’s ok. In addition to having the skills to be in the industry, a young actor or model should also be professional and on time (preferably early!) Because when they are sent out on jobs, how they behave and how professional they are is a representation of Mr. DiPalermo and Shamon Freitas. Anyone who behaves poorly on the job will likely not get called back again.

Frank DiPalermo Speaks to Encore Academy Students

Frank DiPalermo Speaks to Encore Academy Students

Mr. DiPalermo warned all of our students and parents that they should NEVER pay an upfront fee to be represented by an agent. A reputable, professional agent only collects fees from money actually earned on jobs. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost for young actors or models. There are costs for photographs, for travel and costs for training. But, while an agent can recommend a particular photographer or teacher, they should not be requiring any spending for any particular service. By the time a young actor, model or performer get in front of an agent, that agent will know if they have what it takes. At Encore Academy, we want to provide kids, teens and young adults with the right tools and skills so that, when they finally get in front of someone like Mr. DiPalermo, they know exactly how it’s done.

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Guest Post: Juliette

I’ve been doing acting for quite a long time.  I enjoy it because I get to meet new casting directors and make new friends on set and I just love the environment around me while filming. I also want to get into modeling, because it gives me more confidence. You don’t need to be this perfect girl or boy to model. Modeling can come naturally for anyone, but it also helps to have a lot of practice.

While attending workshops at Encore Academy, I learned some tips to improve my modeling poses, my posture and how to walk on the runway. I also learned how to cold read, and slate. I even got some guidance on improving my YouTube channel and other social media tips, like the do’s and don’ts of what to post on social media like Instagram and what will make your account presentable to attract agents. We were instructed to post modeling pictures and headshot photos that would keep people wanting to see what you’re going to post next. It’s even better to have two accounts: a private one to post what you want with all your family and friends following and the other one to be the “professional” account that can be presented to the public.

Juliette Headshot at Encore Academy San Diego

I truly believe that acting and modeling can be a great experience for everyone. Practicing with other people my age is fun and helps develop teamwork skills. I’ve become more confident and less shy around others. I also make friends with the other students in my classes. Sometimes we’ve gotten to meet cool guests who are in the industry, and that’s always a good learning experience. Encore Academy is a program you can learn improvisation, stage acting, body language and more. I love Encore Academy and I will always continue to take their workshops!

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Children at acting workshop at Encore Academy San Diego

Children at acting workshop at Encore Academy San Diego