Encore Academy

has developed a curriculum for children and teens seeking to gain the skills and knowledge to be in the entertainment field and for their own personal development.

Encore Academy’s founders are San Diego natives who have more than 20 years of experience in modeling, acting, pageants, teaching and casting. They have appeared and worked on television shows and films on VH1, MTV, NBC, SpikeTV, USA, Showtime and more.

Our instructors are themselves actors, models and online personalities. They follow a curriculum designed by the founders to help round out today’s kids with top performance and life skills instruction.

Encore Academy is constantly striving to bring a fresh and current understanding of the industry, especially with the advent of online content creation and “social influencing.” It has never been easier to “be seen.” Encore Academy teaches skills worth showing.

Encore Academy

We teach you the skills needed to be successful in the industry!